Benefits of Smart Lighting

Convenience & Control

Enjoy easy, convenient control at your fingertips! Smart home technology lets you control all of your home electrical products from your phone or tablet, whether it be lighting, heating, cooling, or even regular household appliances like your kettle or iron.

You can even automate your smart products to match your daily routine, like having your lights automatically turn off when you leave home, or have your heater automatically turn on when the weather gets cold.

Energy Saving

Want to save money on your next electricity bill? Switch to a smart home system! Not only do smart LED globes last a lot longer than standard halogen or fluorescent lights, but they also use far less energy. With a smart home system, you can schedule your lights (and other appliances) to turn off when you longer need them. You can also automate your products to turn on and off based on outside temperatures and light conditions so that you’re always comfortable and never wasteful.

Healthy Living

Optimise your wellbeing by choosing the best light for every moment of the day. Enjoy a great start to your day by waking up to natural morning light, and improve your sleep with warm light before you go to bed. You can even have the perfect light follow your activities throughout the day, like cool white light for tasks you need to focus on (like work or study) or warm yellow light when you want to set a relaxing mood.

Less Anxiety

Never worry about accidently leaving an appliance on when you leave the house. You can check the app from anywhere and remotely turn off any smart appliance that you’ve accidently left on. You can also schedule all your smart products to automatically turn off when you leave the house, so you never have to give it a second thought.

Safety & Security

Smart technology is a great way to keep your home safe and secure. A range of security products are now available, like smart cameras, doorbells and sensor lights. You can also program your lighting to make it look like you’re at home when you’re not – perfect for when you go on vacation!

Fun Features

Sometimes you just want to have some fun with your lighting, especially when you’re entertaining guests and need to impress. Smart lights can be customised in all kinds of ways, with great colour and timing variations to really get the ‘wow’ factor.


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Your pathway to a Home Smart Home


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