Optimise your wellbeing by choosing the best light for every moment of the day.

Wake Up Calmly

To enjoy a relaxing start to your day, schedule your lights to gently wake you by mimicking the natural morning hues and the soft illumination of a sunrise.

Optimise for Work or Study

Make the most of your work or study time by using cool white light for the tasks you need to focus on.

Sit Back and Relax

Get cosy with a book or movie using warm yellow light designed to set a relaxing mood.

Have Some Fun

Entertaining guests? Just want to have some fun? Use the app to customise your RGB lights in all kinds of fun ways, with great colour variations to really get the ‘wow’ factor.

Drift Peacefully to Sleep

End your day peacefully and improve the quality of your sleep by using warm light before bed to gradually relax you until you fall asleep.

Automate Your Daily Routine

Have your smart products follow your daily routine, like having your lights automatically turn off when you leave home, or your heater automatically turning on when the weather gets cold.

Grid Connect

Your pathway to a Home Smart Home.

Bunnings Warehouse

Grid Connect

Your pathway to a Home Smart Home


Bunnings Warehouse