Solutions for Renters

Renting Made Easy

Make the most of your rental home without any hassle. There are plenty of smart DIY products to help you create the perfect living environment without causing problems with your landlord or security deposit. The best part is that you can take it all with you when you move!

Better Lighting

Rental homes often have cheap halogen globes that emit poor light. Install your own smart globes instead, and transform your rental home with high quality lighting to make every room feel inviting.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Use smart plugs and powerboards to empower your living by converting your everyday products into smart products. Control your products from anywhere, and automate them any way you like.

Home Security

Don’t rely on your landlord to provide the best home security. Take safety into your own hands by setting up DIY security cameras and doorbells that can alert your phone if movement is detected around your property.

Great for Landlords too!

Stand out in the competitive rental market. As smart technology gains in popularity, it’s a great way to gain an advantage in the market when looking for new tenants.

Grid Connect

Your pathway to a Home Smart Home.

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Grid Connect

Your pathway to a Home Smart Home


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