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Complete your Grid Connect ecosystem with appliances such as a robot vacuum cleaner. Specially designed for peace-of-mind and durability, your Grid Connect appliances function when you need it. 


What makes a Grid Connect robot vacuum cleaner different?

Grid Connect is not just a brand, it’s a complete eco system of products that all function together in a single app. Why is this useful? It means that you have a central point of control, and all of your products can work together to make life easier. Set your vacuum cleaner to automatically start cleaning when you leave for the day. Return home sooner than expected? You can set it to automatically go back to base when you return home. 

Does it work with voice control?

Yes! Start or stop your robot vacuum cleaner via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for hands-free control when you can’t access your phone.  

Superior cleaning without the hassle

Strong suction power cleans hard floors or carpet, collision control ensure your vacuum cleaner stays safe whilst working its way through your home. The angled brushes are able to sweep debris away from harder to reach areas such as along skirting or furniture. Drop detection ensures that the vacuum will not fall down stairs or other areas giving you peace of mind to have to running whilst you are away from home.  

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Grid Connect is secure, free, and compatible with an extensive array of selected smart products. Download Grid Connect today!