About Grid Connect and Home Automation

Grid Connect uses a single app to deliver seamless, multi-product home automation on your smartphone or tablet.

Unlike many other home automation apps that operate just one or two types of product, the Grid Connect platform is far more sophisticated, providing full multi-product connectivity from one source using your existing Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Grid Connect Home Automation Horizontal Branding
Grid Connect Home Automation Vertical Branding

All Grid Connect products are available from Bunnings Warehouse across Australia and New Zealand – just look for the Grid Connect branding on the product packaging.

After downloading the Grid Connect app and creating an account, it’s time to personalise your own system according to separate zones in your home. Create a zone for every room or location that contains a smart product. The next step is to ‘pair’ your purchased products to the Grid Connect app, which is a one-off action creating a link between your smart device and each product.

Each product has its own control page, featuring unique settings and controls matched to that product’s functions.

You will find easy-to-follow pairing instructions in the box with each product. There are also helpful user guides and FAQs available online, or you can contact our customer service team.

Grid Connect, the easy-to-use home automation app

Once you have become accustomed to the simplicity of Grid Connect, you’ll want to try out some of its more advanced features!

For example:


Activate numerous actions with a single tap on your smartphone or tablet. For instance, you might create an ‘Away’ scene which switches off selected lights and appliances and arms a security system. 


Customise actions to execute automatically. For instance, you might set up a movement sensor to switch on external and internal lights and send a notification to your smartphone to let you know that a sensor has been triggered.

Grid Connect Device Connectivity

More than just smart…

It’s clever, too.

With Grid Connect, you can use your existing Wi-Fi and mobile networks to operate, program, and interlink a huge range of high-quality, Wi-Fi-connected products – from dimmable lights, motorised blinds, and security cameras to fans, strip lights and downlights, as well as heaters, air conditioners, and so much more!

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