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What can I do if my Grid Connect device failed to pair?

Get the answer to this question and others just like it in our comprehensive FAQ section.

I forgot my password, can I reset it?

Get the answer to this question and others just like it in our comprehensive FAQ section.

I’m using a Telstra Smart Modem and can’t connect to my devices. How can I fix this?

Get the answer to this question and others just like it in our comprehensive FAQ section.

How can I use voice control with my Grid Connect devices?

Get the answer to this question and others just like it in our comprehensive FAQ section.

Grid Connect App User Guides

Want to get the most out of your home automation system? Use the guides below to learn how to use key app features, optimise your device setup, and achieve the best possible home automation experience.

Troubleshooting WiFi User Guide

Trouble pairing?
Most Grid Connect products connect directly to your home Wi-Fi router. There can be some settings within your router that need to be adjusted to enable your Grid Connect devices to be able to connect to your network

AP Mode Pairing

There are a few ways to get products to pair to the Grid Connect app. AP mode is the most reliable pairing. It is denoted by a slow [instead of fast] flash of the pairing indicator. Please note that camera products do not have an AP mode.

Pairing Your Devices

Get step-by-step instructions on how to pair a range of Grid Connect product types including power, switches, lighting and security devices.

Setting Timers

Grid Connect power and lighting products contain a range of timer options that make light work of automating a single product. Learn what functions are available and how they differ.

Sharing Control of Devices

Share control across multiple mobile devices and with other family members. You can customise which products you share and how much control each mobile device or person has.

Removing Devices

Learn how to remove a device from your smart home setup (don’t worry, you can add devices back at any time!)

How to Navigate the Grid Connect App

Navigate the app from the home screen, with easy access to all paired devices, customisation options and a wide range of advanced features to create your perfect setup.

How to Create Scenes

Trigger multiple actions (involving as many devices as you like) with a single tap.

How to Automate Your Devices

Have an action automatically take place when certain conditions are met, like your heater automatically turning on when the weather gets cold or your lights turning on when it starts getting dark.

Grouping Devices

Control multiple like-products at the same time with a single tap.

Creating Rooms

Assign products to rooms for better organisation and to easily find the device you’re looking for.

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For personal assistance, call 1300 267 168 or connect with the help service via your Grid Connect app.

Grid Connect

Your pathway to a Home Smart Home.

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Grid Connect

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