Grid Connect brings the dream of home automation to reality in a single, easy-to-use, secure package that will make your life easier.

Simple and Secure Home Automation

Always feel at home with Grid Connect

Grid Connect brings the dream of home automation to reality in a single, easy-to-use, secure package that will make your life easier.

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It’s simple: download the free Grid Connect app to your smartphone or tablet and create an account, pair each smart product, and Get Started.

Grid Connect Home Automation Horizontal Branding
Grid Connect Home Automation Vertical Branding

All Grid-compatible products are available from Bunnings stores across Australia and New Zealand – just look for the Grid Connect branding on the product packaging.

Smart phone with range of smart home products

Use Grid Connect in the home as your day-to-day central control system, or use it remotely to monitor and operate your Grid-enabled products from anywhere in the world.

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Download Grid Connect from the Google Play Store

You can even set up Voice Control!

Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant

Grid Connect functions on Android and Apple operating systems, and can also be linked to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for Voice Control.

Best of all, Grid Connect is as individual as you are. Create a simple Set Up to operate just a handful of products, and add more products later… Or make it the nerve centre of an advanced, interlinked habitat servicing all your work, leisure and day-to-day requirements with multi-product ‘scene’ automation and advanced logic. You control your own grid.

Grid Connect software has been designed especially for use in Australia and New Zealand. The app is secure, free, and compatible with an extensive array of selected smart products from Bunnings stores. Compatible high-profile brands include the most trusted names in the home improvement sector.

What can Grid Connect home automation do for you? 


Check security cameras, receive intruder alerts, program safety lights, at any time from anywhere in the world.

Convenience & Independence

Turn lights and other products on or off, adjust control functions, or set a timer, all from the comfort of your armchair.

Energy Efficiency

Use timer or sensor controls to turn your Grid-enabled products on or off, as and when required.


Turn on the air conditioner remotely while you are travelling home.

Grid Connect and Bunnings:

Your pathway to a Home Smart Home.

Bunnings Warehouse

Grid Connect and Bunnings

Your pathway to a Home Smart Home


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