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Keep your home safe and secure with our DIY smart security suite. Our locks send alerts to your phone to provide you with peace of mind of knowing who is accessing your home, and when. Keep an eye out for our expanding range and have reassurance that all of the products are easily accessible within the one app.  

Make forgetting your keys a problem of the past with a range of access methods including passcodes, fingerprint authentication and RFID tags. 

Fingerprint Deadbolt

The Orion Grid Connect Smart Wi-Fi Fingerprint Deadbolt (DL017HA) is a great DIY smart security solution that lets you go keyless. Don’t worry about fumbling around your bag or car console, kids misplacing keys during the school day or forgetting to grab the spare key for your incoming guests. With a variety of entry options and enhanced control of who enters your home and when, Grid Connect provides the peace of mind you’ve been looking for at an affordable price. It connects to the app using your home Wi-Fi network so no need to purchase an additional hub/gateway/bridge to check your lock’s history when you’re away from home. Not sure if you want a smart door lock? Don’t worry, this product functions as a traditional digital door lock as well. 

Want to see who is at your door before you let them in? Grid Connect includes a wide range of both indoor and outdoor cameras that appear in the same Grid Connect app making it easy to see who is at your door and then let them in. 

Includes physical key

You can still unlock your door the traditional way, but with Grid Connect you get the ultimate flexibility of unlocking your door in different ways.

Fingerprint access

Hard to misplace, your fingerprint is a secure way to control access to your home. Go for walks with the family without having to worry losing your keys in the playground. 

Passcode access

Set both permanent and temporary access codes, or use the ‘quick code’ function to generate a code that lasts for 5 minutes. You can also request an unlock, this is ideal if your guests arrive at your home before you do!

Durable materials

Extensive testing on the durability of all components including the latch, locking mechanism, touch pad and housing ensure you have peace of mind that your lock is going to withstand the tests of time.  

Replaces most Australian deadbolts

Fits a standard 54mm deadbolt cut-out. This size is used in the vast majority of Australian homes making it easy for a quick DIY project. 

Access tags included

Prefer a physical tag? Not a problem. 4 RFID tags come with the product. RFID tags require less dexterity compared to keys making them easy for everyone, including kids, to use. 

Long lasting batteries

Batteries will last many months, with low battery alerts to remind you when you need to change them. Don’t worry if you forget, you can use a power bank to provide temporary power to let you back in again. 

Installation & Setup Guide

After the installation process setup different users to share access and know exactly who has entered your home, and when. Watch the video below to see just how easy the DIY installation process is.

Need help setting up users?

There are 3 easy steps to set-up users on the Grid Connect Orion Wi-Fi fingerprint deadbolt. Make sure you’ve already set up your lock from demo mode before starting this quick guide. Click here for instructions on how to do this.


Set your fingerprint, tag or code access on the lock

Wake up the lock

Enter 1# to enter admin menu

Use your admin entry (this was set when you first setup the lock) to continue.

Enter 1 to go to user management

Enter 2 to add a regular user, or 1 to add an admin user

Select a user number for your new regular user or generate one automatically by pressing #

Now pick the type of access you’d like to add:

Press 1 to add a fingerprint, 2 to add a tag or 3 to add a code

Listen to the prompts from the lock to complete setting up your new user.

Regular Users can unlock the lock. Each lock can have up to 295 users. Each type of entry (fingerprint, code and tag) counts as single user.

Admins can adjust settings on the lock, add or remove users and pair the lock to the Grid Connect app. Each lock can have up to 5 admins.

Confirm your user number

To set up the user in the app you will need the user number. Not sure what your use number is? Use the fingerprint, tag or code to unlock the lock and listen for the 3 digit user number announced by the lock. This is the user number for that fingerprint, tag or code.

You can also see the user number for an unknown user in the history section of the app. Tap on the user icon to set-up that user number with an existing or new user in the Grid Connect app.

Link your user number with a user in the Grid Connect app

Now that you’ve set your fingerprint, code or tag (or all 3!) on the lock you are ready to link those user numbers to a user in the Grid Connect app. This will mean you know exactly who is using your door, and when.

Open the lock in the Grid Connect app and select ‘users’ at the bottom of the screen

Tap + to create a new user or tap app users or primary users to view existing users

Tap + beside fingerprint, code or tag then enter the user number

Select ‘save’

Each user in the Grid Connect app can have multiple fingerprints, codes and tags assigned to them in the app

What is an app user?

An app user is someone who can view your lock in their Grid Connect app. This means they can view the unlock history and adjust users in the Grid Connect app.

What is a primary user?

A primary user is someone who can unlock the lock via their fingerprint, tag or code and will appear in the history log but will not have access to the lock in the Grid Connect app.

What is an unknown user?

An unknown user is someone who has been set-up with a fingerprint, code or tag on the lock but hasn’t assigned that user number to either an app or primary user in the Grid Connect app. Tap on an unknown user in the history log to set them up as either a primary or app user so you know exactly who is unlocking your door.

What is an unlock alert?

Do you want to get notified by the Grid Connect app when a particular user unlocks your door? This is ideal to track when kids come home from school, or a guest has arrived. Open the app or primary user in the Grid connect app, tap on the user number then toggle the unlock alert option (don’t forget to save). The unlock alert must be set for each user number you’d like to receive a notification about.

Not sure how to reset your DL017HA?

If you cannot remember your administrator password you will need to do a hard reset of the door lock. This can only be done from the inside of the door. Watch our video guide for help in doing this. This is not required to link the door lock to a different Grid Connect account or if you’ve changed your Wi-Fi network name or password. To put the product into pairing mode press 2# then provide your admin login password.

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