Smart ceiling lights, downlights and strip lights, now available at Bunnings

Bring your home to life with our range of smart pendants, ceiling lights and wall lights, tailored to suit your needs. Optimise your wellbeing by using the best lighting for every moment of the day, or customise for the ‘wow’ factor to create an inviting atmosphere and impress your guests. Simply download the Grid Connect app to enjoy easy, convenient control via your phone or through voice control.

Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa

Strip lighting

Strip lighting is a versatile way to provide a fun, but functional ambient lighting solution to any room of your home. Within the Grid Connect range you can find a large number of different solutions to suit your needs. Strip lighting can be affixed using the included self-adhesive or using aluminium channel. All strip lights are low voltage, making them an ideal DIY project. Let your creativity run free across the Grid Connect strip light range – many people use them along skirting, hallway banisters, in pantries or cabinets, along splashbacks or along stairs. 


Different products include different features, but descriptions of some of the features available across Grid Connect strip lights are listed below. See which ones match up with where you want to put your strip light. 

Cuttable segments

Alter the strip light length to suit your needs. There are segments marked on the strip light so you can cut it to make sure it fits exactly where you need it.


Adjust the brightness of the strip. You can even automate this, for full brightness when you need it but a lower brightness at other times – perhaps overnight.


Choose warm white, cool white, or anything in between. This is ideal to match the colour of other lighting in the room, or adjust to suit the circadian rhythm.


Choose from any colour of the rainbow, there are also ‘effects’ modes which cycle through different colours for added entertainment value.

addressable sections

Each segment of the strip light can be a different colour allowing for more colourful patterns and effects.

Sound sync

The strip light has an in-built microphone, allowing the strip light to react to ambient sounds such as music, movies or even the dog barking.

Music mode

The strip light will react to music being played from your phone.

Remote control

Use the included remote control, as well as voice control or the Grid Connect app to control your strip light.

Wi-Fi Products

Choose the ideal match for your home from our range below. See our features list above to make sure you get the strip light best suited to your needs. As all of these products are Wi-Fi based you don’t need a hub, and you get control-from-anywhere features out of the box. 


1m length, cuttable segments, dimmable, CCT, includes remote control.


2m length, cuttable segments, dimmable, CCT, RGB, includes remote control.


5m length, cuttable segments, dimmable, CCT, RGB, includes remote control.


4 x 30cm strips that can be connected together, dimmable, CCT, RGB, includes remote control.


5m length, cuttable segments, dimmable, RGB, addressable sections, sound sync, includes remote control.


10m length, cuttable segments, dimmable, CCT


10m length, cuttable segments, dimmable, CCT, RGB, addressable sections, sound sync, includes remote control.

Local control means more control. 

Wi-Fi control is ideal for most people and in most situations. It’s something everyone is familiar with, and can be setup without having to have any additional hubs/gateways/bridges and yet you can control your devices from anywhere out-of-the-box making for easy set-and-forget automation and scheduling.

That said, there are times when having a smart strip light that is USB powered, and connects directly to your phone, comes in useful. Commonly used for decoration of portable items such as laptops, parties or events that are off-site, or even car interiors and camping décor, 


2m length, cuttable segments, RGB, USB powered

Path lighting

Path lighting is a great addition to any outdoor area, providing enough light to ensure safe passage as well as on opportunity to allow the fun to continue well into the evening. The Grid Connect LED Path Lights pack includes 10 path lights, stakes and adaptor. With addressable LEDs, each path light is controllable individually – for full colour customisation potential. From sports team colours to birthday preferences the flexibility is yours. Access any colour you can think of, or use warm white.

There are a vast number of pre-set effects modes, or choose from one of the music modes to have the path lights react to ambient sounds such as music, movies or kids laughing.