Keep your home safe and secure with our range of smart security products. Our range features cameras, doorbells and sensors that send alerts to your phone to provide you with peace of mind.

New product alert

Our new outdoor security camera with spotlight means that you can see exactly what is happening around your home, in colour, day or night. The inbuilt spotlight enables you to see colours at night, instead of the traditional greyscale that comes with conventional night modes. 

A 3MP camera provides crystal clear footage whilst adjustable activity zone and motion detection with human filtering reduce undesired notifications – making this SC068HA camera the ideal upgrade to your home security. 

What are some of the camera options?

Exactly what can I do with smart cameras?

Multi view

As soon as you pair a 2nd camera to your Grid Connect account the multi view feature will appear on the dashboard. This enables you to view your cameras in groups of 4.

Use cameras to turn on lights

Use your camera detecting motion to trigger another Grid Connect product, a such as a light, to turn on. Click here to see how easy it is to set this up.

SD card recording

Each of the Grid Connect cameras can record footage to an micro SD card. Click here to learn more about this. Need a micro SD card? Don’t worry, Bunnings Warehouse stock them as do many other retailers. 

Don't want to worry about charging?

The Orion solar panel can charge wireless cameras and doorbells. This gives you the flexibility of wireless cameras, and the convenience of knowing your cameras will stay charged.

Flexible viewing

Pan and tilt cameras offer a much wider viewing area. This is very useful in open plan living areas to survey a large area without needing multiple cameras.

Reliable notifications

Human filter can detect human shapes, reducing the likelihood of non-human motion notifications. Don’t worry, you can choose a traditional motion detection if that suits you better. 

Night vision

All Grid Connect cameras feature night vision so you can see what’s happening in your home at all hours. 

Schedule down time

Schedule motion detection periods so that you know when movement is happening when you are out, but not when you are home. 

Water resistant

Outdoor cameras are IP rated to cater to Australian conditions. Check the packaging for each products’ rating.

Have questions?

Should I set my cameras to SD or HD?

High definition will provide the best quality footage, but will consume more data. After high resolution video? Set to HD. Want more efficient footage? Set to SD. You will be able to fit more footage onto an SD card when recording in SD compared to HD. 

What happens when my SD card reaches capacity?

Just like a dashcam, the camera will automatically record over the oldest footage once the capacity of the SD card is reached. For this reason we recommend storing any video you want from the SD card on your phone/tablet for later use as soon as possible. 

How long will my SD card last before it reaches capacity?

Your SD card will reach capacity at different times depending on your settings. HD footage takes up more space than SD. If you are recording 24/7 you can expect to get >4 days of footage at HD on a 16GB micro SD card with much more when set to SD or for event recording only. Regardless of your settings we recommend storing required footage as soon as possible as the SD card will roll over eventually.

How do I get footage from the SD card?

For the best experience,  use the Grid Connect app to collect footage from your camera. Open the camera feed, expand  the menu  then select playback . Adjust the date and time to find the footage you are after then tap the camera (for  photos or for  videos) to capture. This will be saved to your album. You can then export from your album to your phone/tablet.

Does Grid Connect store footage in the cloud?

No. For your privacy the only copy of any footage is stored on your SD card, or saved from your app to your phone/tablet. 

Do I need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as my camera to view the footage?

No! With Grid Connect you can view the live view or playback from the SD card whilst you are away from home. As long as your camera has access to the internet via your home Wi-Fi you are good to go.

Why do my Grid Connect cameras have different settings when compared to each other?

At Grid Conenct we are constantly trying to improve the features that our products can provide. Sometimes we are able to provide new features to product already ‘out in the wild’ (such as your devices at home) – we will always do this if we can so you can get the most from your products. Sometimes some devices won’t have the compatible hardware to support these new features.

How to: turn on a light when motion is detected

Follow along with this automation setup example to see how to set a light to turn on for 3 minutes when motion is detected, but only at night. Some cameras may look  a bit different in the automation section of the app, contact our team if you need help or aren’t sure how to set an automation to suit your needs.

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