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Grid Connect is the perfect way to balance comfort and energy saving when it comes to controlling the climate in your home. Use automations for set and forget climate control, power meters to know exactly how much energy you are using and app control-from-anywhere for those times you forgot to turn off the heater before you left home.

Adaptor with temperature, humidity sensor & energy meter


With Grid Connect you don’t need to buy new appliances. Our smart adaptor with temperature, humidity sensor & energy meter allows you to use your existing climate control appliances with Grid Connect for the ultimate peace-of-mind and in-home comfort.

Works with many different climate appliances

Already have an appliance you’d like to use? Click here for steps on how to check.


Ideal for use with convection, oil, fan or panel heaters. Many people worry whether they have left their heater on when they have left the house, with Grid Connect that worry is a thing of the past. With control via Grid Connect it also makes it safer so that little ones can’t accidently turn the product on by accident.


Humidifiers after often used by those suffering from asthma or cold-and-flu symptoms, but it can be easy, especially in smaller rooms, to over-do it. With Grid Connect you have full control over the humidity levels making it ideal for overnight use as you can set and forget.


Keeping your home cool throughout the warmer months can be a challenge, particularly when there are days that are much hotter than you expected. With the actual temperature of your home in your hand when you are out and about you don’t need to worry about coming home to a hot house after a long day.


Dehumidifiers help remove excess water vapour from the air and help prevent dust mite growth or mould accumulation. With Grid Connect you can make sure that as soon as your trigger humidity is exceeded your dehumidifier springs into action, automatically – rather than having to manually observe what is happening.

What can it do?

Set and forget in auto mode

Set a temperature that you’d like to maintain and the adaptor will do all the thinking for you. Using the adaptor for a humidity device? Use the humidity instead to determine when your appliance turns on and off.

Manual mode

Override the set temperature without loosing your settings with manual mode. This is ideal for when there is a change in your routine, or you just feel that way!


Set schedules for when you will be home to ensure that its only being using when needed. This is ideal to help keep your power bills under control. Adjusting a schedule is easy and you can do it from anywhere.

Adjustable range

Adjust the temperature or humidity range that you are most comfortable in so that you don’t need to fiddle with the settings. This is ideal to overcome that problem where a thermostat can wait too long before turning a heater on, leading to you getting chilly.

See exactly how much power is being used, live.

Give your live power usage, and track power usage over time. This is useful so you know exactly how much power is being used and help prevent the chance of bill-shock at the end of the season.


Sometimes the room temperature varies with the adaptor, depending on where it is positioned. This can have quite a big impact in larger areas or open floor plan homes. The adaptor caters for this with its calibration settings. You can do the same for humidity, if you are using humidity modes.

Protect condenser motors

Some appliances, such as portable air con, need some time between when they are turned off and then back on again. The app includes an optional setting that ensures an adjustable minimum off time is allowed for before it turns back on again.


Set high and low temperature and humidity alerts. This means that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that if a particular threshold is reached, you will be the first to know. This stops you having to worry about constantly checking the app when you are away from home.


View the current and historical tracking of the temperature & humidity throughout the day, month and year. This takes the guess work out of managing the climate in your home and is useful if you have pets, family members, plants or equipment that are sensitive to temperature or moisture.

Adjusting your adaptor settings to be just right

Grid Connect provides lots of settings so that this product can work with so many different appliances, effectively. We want you to be able to adjust it to be perfect for you, so you can relax and enjoy.

Not sure which setting does what? See below:

Units: most of us Aussies and New Zealanders will be using Celsius, but if you’d prefer fahrenheit is always an option

temperature range: this is the range from the set temperature which will trigger the adaptor to turn on your appliance. Set a smaller range if you want a very consistent temperature, set a larger range if you want to be a bit more economical in when your appliance turns on.

humidity range: same as temperature range, but for humidity (if you are using the humidify or de-humidify modes)

temperature calibration: the adaptor measures the temperature immediately nearby. Sometimes the room temperature may be lower or higher depending on where the adaptor is, so use this to adjust it depending on whether the adaptor is warmer or cooler than the main room. This can have quite a big impact in larger areas or open floor plan homes.

humidity calibration: same as temperature calibration, but for humidity (if you are using the humidify or de-humidify modes)

turn on delay: this ensures that the device is always off for a minimum amount of time, to protect condenser motors. Check your appliance guide to see if this is a feature you should be using.

alerts: you can set high and low alerts so that if either are met, an alert is sent through the app. This is useful if you have an area where pets, small children or other temperature sensitive items are.

Will it work with my appliances?

The adaptor with temperature, humidity sensor and energy meter works with many different appliances, regardless of their brand or age. To test if your appliance will be controllable with the adaptor follow the steps below:

1. Connect your appliance to a normal power point. Turn the power point on.

2. Adjust the appliance so it is doing what you’d like it to do with Grid Connect (heating/cooling etc.)

3. Without touching the appliance turn it off at the wall and wait for it to power down (some appliances will turn off instantly, others take a few seconds).

4. Turn the power point back on (without touching the appliance).

If after step 4 your appliance went back to heating/cooling then your appliance is compatible with the Grid Connect Smart Adaptor.

Don't forget

If your appliance has an in-built thermostat, make sure to set it to the maximum setting – otherwise the Grid Connect adaptor and the internal device thermostat may interfere with each other. Not sure how to do this? Contact our customer service team.