Camera battery life

How do we test our cameras’ battery life?

Much like your phone battery will last a different amount of time to someone else’s, your battery may last more or less than what the packaging nominates. When testing we maintain a temperature of 21 degrees celcius and trigger the camera 12 times per day. Each motion detection event is recorded for 15 seconds (cameras) or 30 seconds (doorbells). 

  • Camera model: Different camera models have different battery capacities and power consumption profiles, so they will last longer on a single charge.
  • Usage: How often you use the camera and what features you enable will also affect battery life. For example, if you frequently check the live view or have frequent motion detection, your battery will drain more quickly. If the camera is positioned in a low-signal Wi-Fi area of your home the camera must work harder to maintain connectivity which can also result in premature battery drain. Using a Wi-Fi extender or satellite node can help ensure better connectivity to your camera.
  • Environmental conditions: Extreme temperatures can also reduce battery life. If your camera is installed in a very hot or cold climate, you may need to charge it more often.

How long will my battery last?

Depending on the model our cameras have an average battery life of between 180 and 240 days per charge.

Grid Connect security cameras are a convenient and effective way to protect your home or business, but they only work as well as their batteries. So, how long do smart security camera batteries last? And what factors can affect battery life?

The battery life of a smart security camera can vary depending on a number of factors.

Here are some tips for understanding the battery life of your Grid Connect security camera:

  • Different cameras have different battery lives: Our range includes different battery capacities, something to consider when buying a new camera.
  • Disable unnecessary features: Disable any features that you don’t need to use. Enabling ‘human-filter’ so that only human-shaped motion is detected will reduce the number of motion notifications you receive which will not only impact your camera’s battery life – but also mean you get less unnecessary notifications.
  • Charge the camera regularly: Even if the camera is still working, it’s a good idea to charge it regularly. We don’t recommend letting your camera get to zero charge as this will mean your camera feed won’t be accessible until its been recharged.

DC61HA Video doorbell

180 days

DC62HA Video doorbell

180 days

SC079HA Security Camera

180 days

SC080HA Security Camera

240 days

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Never worry about charging again

Our solar panel is a reliable and sustainable way to keep your battery cameras charged, ensuring that your home is always protected. 

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