Technology update

One of the exciting aspects of being in the home automation sphere is the new technology that we get to work with and seeing how we can continue to improve the experience for our existing (and future!) Grid Connect users across our hardware, software and app. With the official release of the Matter 1.0 standard and certification program we are gearing up for even more Grid Connect product lines to further enrich what we offer.

Every day the Grid Connect team are focused on ensuring that our users are able to get the most from their products. This means providing the best service for our customers with products already ‘out in the wild’ as well as looking to the future of Grid Connect – whether it be a new way our devices communicate, a new feature they possess or what they look like. We have lots of upcoming additions to the Grid Connect app, keep an eye out for the updated versions on the Google Play and Apple App stores.

The Grid Connect team is working with CSA in getting our Matter compliant product tested and certified as well as including Matter commissioning capacity of the Grid Connect app in coming app updates. This means you’ll be able to use the Grid Connect app to pair matter-compliant products, as well as choose from the Grid Connect matter compliant product range.

Matter compliant product coming soon

The Grid Connect team is putting the finishing touches on their Matter compliant range, more information on this will be available soon.

With over 1 million people in Australia and New Zealand using Grid Connect, we know we have a responsibility to our users to provide easy to use product that is reliable, long-term. Matter is just one of the things we are working on. Have an idea about something you’d like to see in Grid Connect? Email us now

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy matter compliant products yet?

Not yet just. With the Matter 1.0 standard and certification program having been officially launched by the Connectivity Standards Alliance on 5th October 2022 Grid Connect, and other home automation providers around the globe, can now start the process of having Matter compliant product approved by CSA authorised test labs. Keep checking this page to be kept up to date on when you will be able to get your hands on Matter compliant Grid Connect.

What does this mean for me as someone already using Grid Connect?

It means you’re going to have even more Grid Connect to choose from in the coming months. Don’t worry, this doesn’t change the way you already use Grid Connect – what it does mean is that you will (if you choose to) have more choices in how you use Grid Connect.

Will you stop supporting the Grid Connect app?

Definately not! In fact, the Grid Connect app will be getting updated so that it can support Matter based product. 

Does this mean my products are now out of date?

No. Whilst Matter is new, technology updates are something Grid Connect was built for. We knew when we started back in 2018 that new and exciting opportunities would be part of what Grid Connect looked like in the future and made sure to structure ourselves to easily bring these into the Grid Connect ecosystem, whilst continuing to support products our users already have. Being able to provide an ecosystem of product to our users that includes the latest technology, features and functionality is what we are constantly working on, and that isn’t going to change.

What actually is Matter and what does it do?

Matter has been developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. It will give users more options in how they use their smart home devices. More information about it can be found here.

My question isn't here 🙁

We know there are many questions you may have, get into contact with us. We’ll be keeping this page updated with more information.