Differentiate your offer with smart home.

Give your customer more by partnering with Grid Connect and Bunnings Trade as part of your electrical package. With take-off services, comprehensive technical support for your sales team, installing electrician and end-user, and a massive range of ancillary products available at Bunnings Warehouse, including smart home in your offer needn’t be complex.

Grid Connect Home Automation Horizontal Branding

All Grid Connect products are available from Bunnings Warehouse, so your client can continue to expand their system to suit their needs after hand-over, and we will support them 100% of the way with product or use queries.

What we offer our partners

Take-off and BoM generation

We offer take-off and BoM generation to simplify your specification process. We can also include all non-smart front-of-wall products, if desired.

Product recommendations

We have standard packages that you can customise to suit your pricing structure.

Communications content

Our partner package provides web, email and for-print content so that you can easily inform your perspective clients about the benefits of smart home.

Display home retro-fit

We can retro-fit your display home with Grid Connect so that you can show it in action – all via our in-house electrician team. Our videography team produce high-quality video content that you can then share on your website showcasing smart home in your offer.

Contractor support

Time is money – our on-hand electricians can talk directly to the installation electrician to clarify any queries they have to ensure seamless, efficient fit-off.

Home owner support

Our comprehensive, 7-day a week, technical service team is on-hand to answer any questions your client has so they can get the most from their smart home setup, expanding and adapting it over time.

Our range

Face plates

Our range includes a full suite of integrated touch capacitive face plates including 1-4 gangs, dimmer plates and ceiling fan controllers. 

Switch mechanisms

Our switch mechs are compatible with clipsal classic series face plates, assisting with consistency across the home if a mix of smart and non-smart switches are used. 

Combination sensor

Take smart home to the next level with a PIR, lux, temp. and humidity combination sensor. Any of these values can automate Grid Connect product full benefits of smart home.


Our smart downlights include full spectrum RGB and CCT colour options, dimmable via the app. Group downlights for simultaneous control. 

Strip lights

Various specifications available. Combine with a motion sensor for ambient/overnight lighting, or use the RGB setting in entertainment settings. 

Exterior lighting

Either select from our exterior range, or choose any exterior light for control via our switch choices. 

Security cameras

Security is the number one reason people choose to use smart home. With a range of indoor, outdoor, battery based and continuously powered units a full security suite is easily accessible. 

Door locks

Use fingerprint authentication, pass code, RFID tag or app unlock to access your home – ideal for both managing contractor access after lock-up stage and client security both hand-over. Includes mechanical key. 

Garage door control

Connects to any garage door with override terminals, includes contact sensor to verify open/closed state. Existing remotes will continue to function.

Ceiling fans

Select from a range of ceiling fan options including with-light products. Ceiling fans come with a traditional remote atop app control options. 

Split system

Featuring a 3.5kW cooling, 4.5kW heating capacity with a range of air flow control options. Includes condenser. 

Even more...

We have even more products in our range, and are continually expanding.

Want something special as a signing or hand-over gift? Consider a smart robotic vacuum cleaner or pet feeder.

Frequency asked questions

Does installing smart home mean that I need to have it all set up as part of electrical sign-off?

Absolutely not, our products are like any electrical product – once installed they will be controllable via the switch without the app. Some contractors do like to setup the products, but we find that by having the end-customer set them up they can customise it to their preference. If your contractor wants to set up the app we have a training program, and support team, available to ensure they have the knowledge to do this quickly – a Wi-Fi network with incoming internet will be required in order to do this. 

Does this mean my client will always have to use their phone to control the smart products that I’ve included?

No – most of our products can be controlled traditionally either via the face plate (wired products) or remote control (ceiling fans, strip lights). Many of our products are controllable via voice control as well, meaning there are many different ways beyond the app to control your products. 

Do my contractors need to complete special training to install Grid Connect?

No. Our products have been designed to be installed by any licensed electrician. Our switchgear requires neutral at the switch, with each plate typically 10amp rated. Product specifications can be found per product – contact us for more information. 

My client is building an investment property, should I still recommend smart?

Since our products can still be used without the app, if a client changes their mind about wanting to use smart home – or a circumstance change such as using the property as an investment, the products will continue to be useable long-term. 

Why is there such cost discrepancy across different smart offers?

Setting up a smart range involves a lot of infrastructure to develop not just the product, but the software and application. Most of these costs are up-front, making setting up a smart home range as a supplier quite complex. Many of the platforms on the market, especially in Australia, haven’t had a lot of uptake meaning those costs per unit are quite high. Grid Connect has over a million users across Australia and was specifically designed for mass-adoption; meaning we are ready to scale at an efficient cost. This means that we can offer competitive pricing and a secure, reliable platform to our customers – long-term.

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