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1-in-9 under the age of 64 and 1-in-2 over the age of 65 identify as having a disability

Discover the future of assisted living: smart homes with Grid Connect. These cutting-edge systems are tailored to support independence, safety, and comfort for the elderly and individuals with disabilities and their families, utilizing automated features and advanced technology to enhance your living experience. At Grid Connect we have many of our users implementing our products to make their lives easier, safer and more comfortable. Scroll down to find out more. 

We have Grid Connect globes in our lamps because my wife is in a wheelchair and cannot access the light without Grid Connect. Love the product. 

Light globe

My son, who has a disability and is in a wheelchair, has been able to operate his fan and light switch from his tablet by just replacing his existing light switch. It has been revolutionary to his life.

Fan controller

Grid Connect gives me access control for carers visiting our house to care for our 22 year old son who has autism

Entrance lock

Want to share how you are using Grid Connect to help you and your family? We’d love you to reach out to us. We are constantly looking for new ways we can help our users. Email us at 

Grid Connect Home Automation Horizontal Branding

All Grid Connect products are available from Bunnings Warehouse, making it easy and affordable to get started. Our support team are here to help you every step of the way, including helping you choose product or setting it up to suit your needs.  

What small change could make a big difference?

You can achieve the below, and even more, with Grid Connect – right now at your nearest Bunnings Warehouse. With all of the products working within a single app it makes it easy to set-up, personalise and use. Need help? Our team is ready to support you in selecting, setting up and using your products. 

See who is at your door...

Video doorbells  provide a clear view of visitors at the door, allowing individuals to see and communicate with them remotely. This enhances security, especially for those with limited mobility, while also offering convenience and peace of mind by enabling safe access control and package monitoring from anywhere.

... and let them in.

Have keyless entry via fingerprint code or RFID tag. Remote access control enables individuals to lock and unlock doors from anywhere, enhancing convenience and flexibility. With features like temporary access codes and activity logs, smart locks provide added security and peace of mind for independent living.

Automate your lights turning on

Easily customize lighting schedules, creating a comfortable and well-lit environment. Automated lighting systems can be voice-activated or motion-sensor controlled, making it easier for individuals with limited mobility to navigate their surroundings. Smart lighting also promotes energy efficiency and can enhance sleep patterns through adjustable color temperature and brightness settings.

Or use voice control

Voice control allows individuals with mobility challenges to easily operate various devices and systems using simple voice commands. From adjusting lights and temperature to controlling entertainment systems and climate control – voice control enhances accessibility, independence, and convenience, making daily tasks more manageable and enjoyable.

Check on your garage door

Smart garage door controllers  enable remote monitoring and control, allowing users to open and close the garage door from anywhere using a smartphone app. This enhances convenience and security, as users can grant temporary access, receive real-time alerts, and check the door’s status, providing peace of mind. 

Breathe cleaner, live healthier

Smart air purification systems efficiently remove harmful pollutants, allergens, and airborne particles, creating a healthier indoor environment. With remote monitoring capabilities, seniors can easily adjust settings, receive air quality alerts, and improve respiratory health, promoting a safer and more comfortable living space.

Maintain a comfortable climate

Smart heating and cooling systems offer significant benefits. They allow remote temperature control, ensuring a comfortable environment upon arrival. With programmable schedules and sensors, they optimize energy usage, reducing costs. Integration with voice assistants and smart home platforms adds convenience. Overall, smart systems enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and control in living spaces.

Easy DIY options available

Our range of smart power boards and adaptors enable items you already have at home to be controlled via the app, schedules, automations and voice control. These are all DIY making them an easy addition to any home. You can name the adaptor or power board outlet, so that you can easily find it in the app or use voice control to turn that specific product on or off. 

Know exactly what is going on

Security cameras provide significant benefits for independent living. They offer peace of mind by monitoring the surroundings and deterring potential intruders. Real-time video feeds enable remote viewing and proactive response to any suspicious activity. With motion detection and alerts, they enhance safety, allowing individuals and their family to feel secure and in control of their living environment.

One less thing to do

Our robotic vacuum cleaners offer numerous benefits for independent living. With its autonomous operation, it saves time and effort by efficiently cleaning floors. it can navigate obstacles, adapt to different surfaces, and be scheduled for regular cleaning. Promoting convenience, maintain cleanliness, and providing a helping hand in maintaining a tidy living space.

Control from anywhere

Grid Connect ensures you know exactly what is happening at home, from anywhere. Our broad range means you can personalise your smart home for enhanced security, convenience and peace-of-mind. We’re constantly releasing new products, subscribe to our sneak-peaks list for our latest product launches and have a chance to win Grid Connect product. 

Our smart pet feeder allows scheduling or app-triggered pet feeding, ensuring your furry companions are fed on time. This promotes independence and reduces barriers to pet ownership.

Frequency asked questions

Where is your support based? How can I contact you? 

Our customer service team is based in Melbourne, and available to support you over the phone or via email 7 days a week. We can help you select, set-up and use your product so that it does exactly what you need it to. 

Can access to devices be shared? 

Yes – our app includes multiple ways to share access to products. More information about this can be found here.

Does an electrician need to install these products?

We have a mix of hardwired and DIY product available under Grid Connect. If you would prefer hardwired products we have a network of licensed electricians we can advise to assist you.  

I have a specific need, can you help to advise on what products will help me?

Most certainly, our team are trained at working out, based on your needs, exactly what product would be best for you.

Why is there such cost discrepancy across different smart offers?

Setting up a smart range involves a lot of infrastructure to develop not just the product, but the software and application. Most of these costs are up-front, making setting up a smart home range as a supplier quite complex. Many of the platforms on the market, especially in Australia, haven’t had a lot of uptake meaning those costs per unit are quite high. Grid Connect has over a million users across Australia and was specifically designed for mass-adoption; meaning we are ready to scale at an efficient cost. This means that we can offer competitive pricing and a secure, reliable platform to our customers – long-term.

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