How to Automate Your Devices

Have actions automatically take place when certain conditions are met.

This could be based on weather, time of day, specific scheduling or device changes, such as sensor.

  1. To access automation, tap the  menu icon .
  2. Tap ‘Scenes and Automation’ and then select ‘+’.
  3. Choose a condition from the menu (anything but tap-to-trigger). 
  4. You can set up to 10 conditions and select whether any or all of the conditions must be met to activate the automation.
  5. Select ‘run the device’ and then find the device you want to activate. The options available depend on the individual products’ functionality.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts until you get to the ‘setup your scene page’. From here you can choose to add more actions by tapping the + icon beside action.
  7. Adjust the ‘activate period’ if you don’t want the automation occurring all the time. This can be used so that an automation only happens at certain times (such as after dark) or particular days of the week (such as your work days). 
  8. Tap ‘save’ to finish your automation.
  9. You can disable the automation, without deleting it, by swiping the toggle switch. This is useful if you go on holiday and don’t need your usual automations.

Not sure what each of the options mean?

Check the list below for more info on what you can do with an automation. Each automation can have up to 150 things happen! That is a lot of possibilities… Not sure how to create an automation to do what you’d like? Contact our customer service team who can help you, step-by-step, create any automation. 

tap to trigger

This is the option you select if you’d like to create a scene. A scene is where you can have different products do different things. You can activate a scene by using either the shortcut button in the app, or voice control.

when weather changes

Select this option to use the below as triggers for an automation

  • temperature: this uses bureau of meterology data based on your location
  • humidity: this uses bureau of meterology data based on your location
  • weather: this uses general conditions such as sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowy/haze from bureau of meterology data from your location
  • sunrise/sunset: this uses sunset or sunrise, based on your location
  • windspeed: this uses bureau of meterology data based on your location

want to have a Grid Connect environmental sensor trigger your products at a particular temperature or humidity reading? Select ‘when device status changes’ and then find your environmental sensor in the device list

when location changes

This uses the location of your phone to trigger devices depending on when you arrive, or leave, a pre-set location. You can adjust the radius to be more or less sensitive to suit.


This uses the time to trigger your devices. You can set it to happen as a once-off, everyday or only certain days. Want to have more than 1 time trigger your device actions? You can set multiple conditions (each with a different time) to save you having to create a new automation for each time. 

when device status changes

This is the most common automation selection. This is where a Grid Connect product (or products) can trigger other devices. If you want to use a motion, contact or environmental sensor to trigger your products this is the option to choose. 

How to: turn on a light at sunset

Follow along with thia automation setup example to see how to set a light to turn on 30 minutes before sunset. Create another automation to have them turn off at sunrise. For this automation all you need is a Grid Connect lighting product, or you could use a lamp and non-smart globe that you already have plugged into a single adaptor or power-board.